Scares of Grizzly!
Black Bear XC Mountain Bike race a.k.a One of the scariest race in the world.
Total distance is 40k.

From the starting line, it is always uphill. So, no problem for that. I was with 7-6 riders in the front pack. The ride is about 3 miles then we turned into a technical route and single track downhill with full of stones which is one of the highlights of this torturous trail.

I managed to take on Teaberry trail but my old injuries on my left knee resurfaced while making a switchback. Luckily, I had my braces on. But it is hurting. Then, we will have to go down Teaberry hard and rock & roll. I fell for the first time but still continue.

After that, I reached the foot and make another routing to the next hardcore single track uphill (Supposed to be a downhill path!!). It is almost impossible for everyone to ride up. So, I carried my bike up and climbed the hills. My knee was hurting badly at this point of time but have to endure the pain and keep going.

To top it off! I had cramps on both thighs and calves. There's still about 1.5 miles to the peak. Then, we reach the next downhill, I've been there couple of times so no problem for that. I know what to expect. Gruesome downhill! I fell again! It was not too bad. Got back up and cracked on the pedals! Then, we will make another rendezvous to one of the Super Hardcore trail called Black Bear. Unfortunately, before tackling the trail we have to suffer with another killer gradual uphill. I was still hanging on there with the cramps!!

By now, I'm half dead and have to grind the lowest chainring to release more tension on the pedal or else I would not be able to finish the whole race. TaDa! He comes the Black Bear...There were danger signs everywhere as we enter the trail officially! I know this is gonna be DIE HARD!!

Survived few hardcore downhill and had walked down some of it. I reached a place with full of spectators waiting for riders to fall!! I manoeuvred carefully through this tricky part. Hola! Black Bear trail is now behind me! It's only a few more miles to the finish line.

The grand finale was the Peacock Rooch Trail. Some technical climbs and technical downhill required here. I pushed almost 2/3 of the trails to reduce tension on my thighs and claves. I safely reached the bottom of the hill and a guy shouted "0.5miles to go!!!" Without much hesitation, I shifted to the biggest chainring and sped all the way to the finish line.

YEAH!I MADE IT!!! I was placed 15 out of ??? So far, the Trek 8000 has been very faithful to me.


                                                                                                                      ~ Dennis