Point Of No Return!
Everything happened on 29th of August, 2001. I was getting ready to take on one of my goals. I will climb up Windy Point today! Windy Point is part of the huge Adelaide Hills and it's located about 8km from the city.

I ate well and did some stretching before I got started. Well, to cut the story short, I BONKed! halfway up the hill. It's about 8-9 degrees climb over 4km. I was totally and completely out of breathe. I can see the peak from where I was but too bad, my legs and lungs just gave up on me. I pulled aside and rested for a while before heading back home! It was a disappointment for me. I failed in my first attempt up that hill!

However, one week later which is 5th of September, 2001. I was in my hostel, contemplating whether to go out for a ride as today will be the last day for me to see the sun (at least for the rest of this week). It's gonna be a wet weekend. I decided to get myself ready and head out to that hill that I bonked last week. This time I must make sure I get that hill behind me!

The temperature
outside was about 16-17 celcius with very minimal wind. The sun was helping me to warm up my body and get ready to grind on those chainrings. As usual, I will have to travel about 8km of flat road before tackling Windy Point. This time I took it easy on those flats. I was cruising about 28-30 km/h average.

After about 16 minutes, I reached the last traffic light and from there onwards, it's only uphill. I took in some real heavy breathe and changed to the smaller chainring.....Green Light! Go! I took it easy on the go signal as I want to last much longer than I did the last time. I was climbing at an average speed of 10 km/h. I did pretty alright at the start. My breathing rhythm was well coordinated with my pedalling strokes.

Unfortunately, not long after that I was distracted by a section of the road that has a steeper climb than the rest. It made me wanna give up again but I hang in there and climbed my way through to the section where I pulled over the other time. I was feeling good this time. So, no stopping! I continued climbing until I reached the peak of Windy Point! It was a picturesque view from the top.

I was a happy man! :) I did it on the second attempt. I will use that as my new training ground for the hills. Until my next ride up there again, I'll be happy with my current achievement. One goal down and many many more to go! :)

Happy Riding!

~ Vince