Easy Spin Down Henley Beach

Last sunday's ride was a pretty easy ride. I've actually missed my once a week ride for 2 weeks due to tonnes of assignments waiting to be completed. Well, I made a decision to leave those brain crushing assignments aside and go out for an easy spin down Henley Beach and Glenelg (also a beach within city's vicinity). Both the beaches are situated West of Adelaide City.

This total mileage of this route would be around 35km. There's actually nothing so exciting about this route as it is pretty darn flat EXCEPT for the blistering wind hammering you head on! On a nasty day, the wind can be gusting at around 30kph.
Nevertheless, since this is a flat route throughout, the wind stands as the biggest challenge!

I normally use this route to do my intervals training and I've divided this route into three sections. The first being the "frustrating section" mainly because of the never ending traffic light stops along the road. It's really rare to shoot pass all of them. This section serves as the warm up for the second part.

The second part of this route has lesser traffic lights. Therefore, it makes a good ground to do the sprinting intervals. It's another 3-4km from here before I reach Henley Beach. As soon as I'm there I will take a light spin down the road along the beach for about 1km. It helps to a little in releasing the tension on the muscles.

Then, the final part of this route begins. That also marks the starting point of my aerobic capacity intervals. I will try to maintain the average speed as high as possible and for as long as I can.

It's about 8km from Henley Beach to Glenelg. This section of the route is clear of traffic lights and it is quite straight. You can see many "pro" cyclist along the way. I guess this must be a famous route among the locals here. At the end of this Henley Beach - Glenelg route, you'll be treated with a scenic sunset view (that's if you are riding in the evening).

Alrighty, I guess that's about it for this time. Hopefully, I'll venture into some other interesting routes in my next ride.

Ciao & Happy Riding!

~ Vince