Catch Up Ride
I enjoyed my ride on Sunday with Alex, Hau Soon, Meng Hui and Ah Teng. Although we just did a few laps around the Pelangi Indah Lake due to the morning rain, but the spirit and the love for cycling is strong. It is good to be home and ride with my buddies who enjoy the same sports as me. Thanks guys!!

On Sunday 0730, Alex and me reached Hau Soon's place on our bikes. Upon reaching there, I saw my old buddies and classmate, Hau Soon and Meng Hui who have been riding since the early days and finally we are back together again after missing each other for almost 3-4 years. I can't believe it has been so long. From the beginner level until the badly addicted level, we can see how times really flies and yet we still share the same interest and the love for cycling that we will not forgo.

We had our breakfast at the nearby restaurant while the rain was still pouring. We talk about the old times and how Mike play the huge part in bringing cycling dream to reality. Then Ah Teng came with his Colnogo on the car's roof. We continued our konk till 0900 and then sky started to clear. We got ready our gear and planned for a short ride because everyone hates to ride on the road especially after the rain. So we decided to Tour de Lake and get the pacing more organized.

We rode with full spirit in the first lap, and then the second lap .......psssssst...I felt my rear wheel dragging me down because of puncture. We stopped and while I was replacing the tube, the rest took some pictures for the website. As usual our big big celebrity, Hau Soon is ever ready for posing and the rest of us joined him later on.

We decided to call it a day earlier than usual. We rode back to Hau Soon's place, exchanging views and ideas (actually talking KONK), tried each others' bikes, had some sweets and Hau Soon’s mom cooked for us. Later in the afternoon, we paid a visit to Lau Pan Niang at Tmn U to check out her new inventories. We saw Schwin Moab frame, Ah Teng’s XTR wheelset, RockShox Sid 100, some new jersey and bla...bla...yada...yada. After that, we had some duck rice in Skudai and then head home to sleep.

God Speed!

~ Dennis