Rainy Sunday!
Vince: "Ah Soh, how's the weather over there??"
Dennis: "Hot and clear sky!"
Vince: "Then, I'll see you at 3:30pm."
Dennis: "OK! On!"

As the monsoon season arrives, the weather has been pretty unpredictable. At 1:30pm the sky can be so clear that there don't seem to be any sign of rain pouring soon. Unfortunately, the intense heat had sped up the formation of dark clouds. The moment we reached Sungai Buloh's Rubber Research Institute, we can see huge raindrops falling onto the windscreen already.

In short, a big disappointment AGAIN! What looks like a good weather turned out to be a real disaster! Oh yeah, did I just said AGAIN?!? Today was the second we were fooled by the weather. The first was evening exploration at Bukit Kiara and it was Dennis's first trip there. Bottom line - Did not finish the Kiara track and bailed out after Twin Peaks section!

So for this case, we decided to set up the bike, put on our cycling apparels and wait inside a "pondok" till the rain stops. After waiting for half and hour, the rain actually stops! Hooooray!!! We quickly get going and hope to sweat a little before the second session starts.

Along the way we were cheered and greeted by some "awesome mega-bass" thunder! To top it off, lightning were as if trying to strike us! Goshhh......These were actually signs of second session just around the corner.

As soon as we hit the 5km mark and we were in "joy" to get such refreshing shower again! @#$!%^&* We called it a day and pedalled back to the car park area. I was also suffering from "where's my contact lense" problem as the raindrops keep flowing into my eyes. We did not load up the bike immediately but "lepak" under the shed for quite a while talking nonsense again!

Lesson of the day: Do not be fooled by the weather! But how not to......????? Can you trust the local weather forecast?!?!?

Until the next foolish adventure, happy riding!

~ Vince

p/s: too bad....no pictures were taken except for this two that was taken while we were in the pondok. yeah, some jokers joined in the fun too. there were still stucked inside when we finished our round.