Journey Into The Unknown

Today's road riding route was a little different from my usual training route. Previously, I will cycle from the city to Henley Beach and then head on to Glenelg. I've ridden that course for a few months now and it's starting to get boring.

So, I took up the initiative to explore a new course. A new "playground" with some fresh scenery. Instead of going down south to Glenelg from Henley Beach, I took a 180 degrees turn to the north. My plan was to go towards Semaphore. It is a suburb just beside Port Adelaide.

The ride to Henley Beach is quite usual with all those irritating traffic lights. Anyway, they didn't really bother me much as I was looking forward to that new route. As soon as I reached Henley Beach's roundabout, I took a 3 o'clock turn. From that point onwards, it was a complete straight road!

The first section of this route is similar to riding down to Glenelg. Nice country homes on your left and right, people jogging on the pedestrian pavements and also some of them walking their dogs. The temperature was about 18 celcius with average sunshine. Therefore making it nice and cool.

It didn't took me long to turn out to the so-called expressway. Cars are allowed to cruise at 80 kph on this road. Thankfully, today's a Saturday and people in Adelaide tends to stay at home or "lepak" in the city. Along this road, there are many houses with all sorts of designs and most interestingly, the houses here have some of the nicest view from their balcony. The front of their houses faces the West Beach and then the back faces the West Lake. What do you think huh?

At this point of time, my legs started to burn and worst of all, I left my water bottle at home as I left in a hurry. I was thinking to myself, "After all, there's nothing nice about this route. Just another housing area with an additional huge lake in the middle". I was eager to arrive at the exit point and "balik kampung". It's been a pretty normal ride so far. To be frank, I brought my webcam along and I was expecting to see something different and scenic.

Finally, I reached the cross-road junction which I was supposed to turn right and head back to city. However, I saw a signboard by the road side which says "<~~ Tourist Scenic Drive". Wow! That's what I wanted. Without any further hesitation, I turned left and to my greatest surprise, it's an esplanade! Now, that's something different. Before I took the turn, there is a fort called Fort Glanville. I had the intention to go in there and have a closer look. Unfortunately, it was closed to public today. From the outside, I can see a cool cannon pointing to the shore. I guess it was used by some 18th century soldiers to defend their land.

The esplanade was filled with people buzzing up and down the pedestrian walkway. There are many cafeteria along the esplanade. They even have bicycle lane. If a police officer spots any car that goes into that lane, the driver will be summoned. Cool huh? One more thing, it's definitely better that the esplanade we have in Klang (which is visited by rats most of the time!). In the middle of this stretch, there is the Semaphore Square. It has a jetty connected to it. From the head of the esplanade to the tail of it is about 2km. At the tail, the pier of Port Adelaide can be seen.

I had forgotten my thirst and wanted to carry on to Port Adelaide but time does not permit me to do so. It was already 5:40pm and the sun sets at 6-ish. I had to go back before it gets dark. There and then, I told myself that it wasn't that bad after all and I plan to ride there again soon!

I managed to reach home before the sky got dark and then straight away gulp down one bottle of electrolyte drink together with a bowl of satisfying "lor mee" for dinner an hour later. Nyam-nyam! Hhmmm...Looks like my journey into the unknown has enlighten me about places out of the city.

Happy riding!

~ Vince