Wild Dogs Chase!
Greetings! I know I know...it's been forever since I last update this site. Actually, at this very moment, it has been a month since I came back from Australia. I've been procrastinating on updating the site. Always giving myself excuses. Anyway, here I am writting about the first ride in Malaysia after such a long period of time.

Klang is still pretty much the same with the exception to the number of cars on the road. It is unbelievable. The traffic is just absurd! Nothing but crazy! I can really cycle on Klang roads anymore. Not alone at least!

So, I decided to drive down to my granpa's place in Sasaran and then start riding from there. Life is more laid back in that area and the traffic is not that heavy either. My granpa suggested that I should take those inner roads that will link one suburb to another without having to dodge for cars and lorries. He gave me a rough idea of the entire route which is about 33km and relatively flat!

I was out of saddle for about a month since the day I packed it up into the box. My stamina level has dropped and I need some time to get use to the humidity over here. The first half of the ride is fantastic. No gusting wind unlike Adelaide. Things was pretty alright until I reached a cross-road junction where there's a couple of dogs hanging around the entrance of the road.

Initially, they seemed "friendly". I have three dogs at home so I can tell when they're mad or not. So, without much hesitation, I pedalled ahead further. Unfortunately, my impression towards them was wrong. The closer I got, the more excited and aggitated they became. One of em' gave me chase and another followed up shortly. I jumped and sprinted with all my strength. I know if I crash at this very point of time, I'm dead! Cos' when I looked back, it was definitely more than 2 dogs. There was a pack of em'!

I haven't been chased by dogs for ages. Nevertheless, it was good training I guess. =) Those wild dogs made me worked harder! Lesson learnt and in future, I must make sure that I have some reserves to drop those doggies in a crazy pursuit such as this.

Until the next wild dogs chase (hopefully not anymore), stay tuned and have fun out there!

~ Vince