Journey to Kota Tinggi Waterfall
This week's biking journal will be based on my adventure in Johore, Malaysia. Yeah...yeah I know it's been really a while. I've been procrastinating a lot. Anyway, Dennis is more or less the guy who brought me into the world of mountain biking and road cycling. However, this would be my first time riding with him because of our vast differences in geographical locations prior to this.

I strapped on my both my bikes onto the car and headed down to JB on Friday, 5th April. I've heard much about the great mountain biking trails in JB but never really had any chance to try it. Since Dennis just came back from U.S. I guess it's a good trip to catch up with him.

On Saturday the 6th, I went road riding with Dennis to Kota Tinggi Waterfall. Only just the two of us! It was approximately 85km to and fro. Along the way, it's just plain highway. So, we have to be really cautious as there's plenty of lorries. Not small lorries but huge ones.

This route was quite challenging. Its undulating nature makes it pretty tough. Going to the waterfall wasn't so much of a disaster because it's mainly downhill and not much climbs. Unfortunately, downhills are mostly accompanied by uphills! Coming back wasn't something that memorable for me at all. Hahaha...

Practically, I was suffering all the way back. My time gap with Dennis was around 2-3 mins. My whole body was low in whatever fuel you can name it sugar, salt and etc.... During the first break at Kota Tinggi, Dennis had a plate of lontong whereas, I gambled my fuel level by just having a cup of Milo and one can of 100 Plus. I was clearly beaten at that. By the time I reached the Waterfall. I was depleted of everything.

Therefore, on our way back, I told myself. "Dennis, you're ahead! You can carry on and head home first. The next stall that comes on my way, I'll stop for a plate of something!" Hahaha....I was deperate for food! Thank goodness that he stopped for air kelapa at one of the malay stalls by the road side. When I pulled over, he was almost done with his drink! Hahaha....I ordered Maggi Mee right away!

After a short but satisfying rest, we get on the saddle and headed home. It was one hell of a workout! Nonetheless, I truly enjoyed the suffering.

~ Vince

p/s: pictures at the gallery