Sunday, 28-April-2002 ~~> Rainy Sunday @ Sungai Buloh - RRI, Malaysia by Vince

Saturday, 06-April-2002 ~~> Journey to Kota Tinggi Waterfall @ Johore, Malaysia by Vince

Saturday, 09-February-2002 ~~> TdL, 2002 (Penultimate Stage) @ Genting Highlands, Malaysia by Vince

Friday, 01-February-2002 ~~> Tour de Langkawi, 2002 (Stage One) @ Putrajaya, Malaysia by Vince

Sunday, 12-January-2002 ~~> Wild Dogs Chase @ Kuala Selangor, Malaysia by Vince

Sunday, 04-November-2001 ~~> Velofest 2001 @ Adelaide, Australia by Vince

Sunday, 28-October-2001
~~> Catch Up Ride @ Johore, Malaysia by Dennis

Saturday, 27-October-2001 ~~> Journey Into The Unknown @ Adelaide, Australia by Vince

Sunday, 30-Sept-2001
~~> Easy Spin Down Henley Beach @ Adelaide, Australia by Vince

Wednesday, 05-Sept-2001
~~> Point Of NO Return @ Adelaide, Australia by Vince

Tuesday, 07-Aug-2001
~~> Black Bear 40K XC Race @ West Virginia, USA by Dennis

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