TdL, 2002 - Penultimate Stage

Team cars?!? Where's the riders???.

Vince and Hernan D. Munoz beside Menara Telekom.

Start of KOM - Peloton still looking good huh?!?!

What about this??!? Dropped by the peloton.....

As the climb gradually gets steeper and steeper, slower riders formed groups of their own.

Mikhaylo Khalilov replenishing himself with some isotonic drinks.

Leonardo Scarselli looking concentrated on the road up ahead.

Take a guess, what's that drink?!? Juan Ramirez sipping on Coca-Cola!

Forntunato Baliani digging deep into his resources to reach the peak!

Ruber Marin - Looking fit taking on One of the World's Toughest Climb.
Pictures are courtesy and copyright © of Vince
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