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Greetings earthlings & Welcome aboard to The TrelBlazer website!

This site is about nothing else but bicycling adventures (both road cycling and mountain biking). The group consists of 5 riders who shares the same desire which is cycling. We will try to make up as much time as possible to have fun out there in the woods and on the road.

Unfortunately, all the riders are scattered around the world at the moment. We hope to reunite again at the end of this year. As for individuals, we've had many different experiences and exposure in races.

Everyone is free to join us in our rides. We normally ride in Bukit Kiara, Meru Palm Oil Estate and some of Johore's fabulous trails for MTB. As for road - anywhere as long there is a road ahead!

Finally, all da' best to all riders out there! Have fun and ride safe!

~ The TrelBlazer

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